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Settle Up (Day 19)

To the narrow gate

I say

And take the willow’s sorrow

I cannot stand to see


The fate of your tomorrow

Through the bloody mist

You must

Wade to understanding

And by the tree of life


The debt yet so demanding

Torn free of your shackles

Your sins

Revel in this your moment

Grit teeth and settle up


For all is past atonement


Daydream (Day 14)

Then and now

And lost between

I feel my mind

Begin to dream

It plays the odds

It takes the lead

And dances where

I fear to Be

But how I fare

I cannot see

Yet in the end

I dare believe


Peer Pleasure (Day 13)

I pose as rock, for all the world to see

Yet inside I quiver in bold

Wondering how they’ll see this piece of me

This now conceded bit of soul

I fear the laughs, fulfillment of my fears

As you take in this broken art

But hear unexpected blessings on my ears

Your words fall silver on a shy heart


Paper Machete (Day 16)

Put my pen to the paper

Make a rhythm machete

And take your head off with an ease

In a lyrical breeze

Of pain, of sorrow

Of triumph

Until the break of faith

And loss of vacant mindsets

I will cut and I will bleed

Until you beg and plead

And plead, and plead, and plead

For more.


Smoking Gun (Day 9)

Smoking will be the death of you

Man, I’ve heard that so many times

But I thought it’s the second hand that gets you

You’re looking at the gun while the knife slides in

From the side, from a friend

I always said that if I quit the cigarettes

I might as well quit the city too

It coughs and wheezes more than I do

But this is home, and this is me

I’m just a chapter in this story

It takes it all in and survives, and so can I

Or so I thought

What I wouldn’t give for a light

Just one more smoke to dull the creeping cold

The zippo’s in my hand, but I’m all out of fight

I’m just too full of holes

And this lead inside is just so heavy

It’s funny, the smoke was supposed to get me

Though I guess in a way it did

I ran out of fuel down that last alley

I guess I should have

Got out of dodge

Quit smoking

While I




Untitled (Day 8)

This really should be one of the easier days to follow the prompt for NaPoWriMo. It’s just to write in Ottava Rima, no real crazy requirements involved. That being said, it’s amusing to me just how blocked I am right now. I am just not feeling it at all. But I had set today as the deadline by which I wanted to be caught up, and Day 9 looks more promising. So I’m exercising my right to ignore the prompt for a ‘day’, as much as I don’t want to, and simply giving you two short ones instead.

Found in the hollow

A sight unbelieved

Bound yet unrestrained

By the chains self-conceived


Swiftly comes the fall

‘Less by chance intervenes

A memory more profound

Than sin’s enticing gleam


Faith (Day 7)

Another one for NaPoWriMo. For this one the challenge was simply to write a poem consisting of a number of consecutive, declarative sentences that ends with a single question. So this is my effort.


In this place of dreams, convergent pasts walk about, beside me.

Tables fill the cafeteria of some forgotten school.

We sit to eat, all while shades pour in and occupy my periphery.

Looking ‘round I see, she and I, her and me, me and myself, and the smaller me.

Each table plays host to a different ghost.

Laughing, weeping, debating, bending of knees, waving hands in intricate stories, wagging tongues and tongues in cheeks, some still bottling their pain, others already exploding,  all of them joining in this

cacophony of memories.

It’s overwhelming.

Yet here is peace, a voice, entwined from faceless strangers interspersed.

“We are here, always have been, though you haven’t seen.”

Then at my side, beheld through welling tears, is the comfort of substance form.

Her hand on mine, my hand in clay, she speaks from deep behind eyes of mirrored tears.

“It is possible, you don’t have to be ashamed anymore.”

Then she’s rising, with a small smile and kiss smaller still to my frozen cheek.

“I’ll be waiting.”

Then she’s gone, gracefully into the curtain of border shades.

And I am falling upward.

In resurgence to reality, my hope, it screams.

Is this the day I wake to find you here with me?


Hollow Ground (Day 6)

Disclaimer: I don’t actually like this. At all. In fact I’m posting it immediately before I post another in hopes that it might just sneak under the radar completely. But it fills the requirement so my OCD can allow me to move on and continue trying to catch up. And it was just sitting there begging to be used for something. So…yeah.


I remember the days gone past, gone so fast

When you were still here with me

Fleeting shadows follow me, haunting me

Memories of you I see

I can still feel you at my side, your touch so light

Yet when I turn you’ve drifted by

I don’t understand why you’re gone

I don’t understand why I’m alone

I don’t understand why it has to be this way

All I really know is, I’ll never forget you

Here I have fallen now, on hollow ground

To say my last goodbye

All around is autumn now, life so brown

Without you to bring it alive

Tears burn down freely, shaking me

Bidding our time farewell

I don’t understand why you’re gone

I don’t understand why I’m alone

I don’t understand why it has to be this way

All I really know is, I’ll never forget you

I don’t understand at all, but

Here I have fallen now, on hollow ground

To say my last goodbye


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